War Memorial St Aidan's Church, Ryhope Road, Grangetown, Sunderland
This transcription was made from the postcard below which dates back to the interwar period. Following the Second World War the names of those who fell between 1939-1945 were appended to this memorial and will be added to this transcription once sourced.
St Aidans War Memorial
Their Name Liveth for Evermore
Sergt. John Bailey  Pte. Robert Gray  Sapper Hugh Ritchie 
Capt. Chas.W.Tone Barker Pte. John W. Gray Pte. John Roberts 
Lieut. Arnold S. Barker Sergt. Robert Hilton  L Cpl. William J. Robertson
Major Harold F. Barker Pte. Samuel Hough  Pte. Matthew Robson 
Pte. Frederick Bell Pte. William D. Hull Pte. Richard L. Rochester
Gnr. George Bell Pte. Henry Johnson Sergt. Richard Rounsley 
Pte. John W. Benison Pte. James Lauder Stoker Colin M. Russell
Pte. John G. Bennett Pte. Benjamin Malcolm Corpl. John H. Scratcher
Pte. Thomas Benney Pte. Thomas Martin Sergt. David Seath 
Pte. Matthew E. Berry Pte. James Martin Pte. Henry Seath 
Corpl. Thomas Blackett Pte. George B. Mather Capt. Norman R. Shepherd
Pte. Edward Brown Pte. John A. Moir Pte. Robert A. Sheraton
Pte. Stanley Brown Pte. William W. Moir Pte. George W. Sly
Pte. William Burnett Pte. John Monk Sergt. Newman Smith 
Corpl. George Carter Sergt. William B. Morton Pte. Thomas H. Smith
Pte. Robert Clark Pte. Richard Mulvenny Pte. P. W. Sollas
Pte. Ernest Coxon Pte. George G. McKenzie Pte. William Stafford
Pte. James W. Cranmer Pte. Patrick McVoy Pte. Robert Stormont 
Pte. John C. Curry Pte. Francis J. Nee  Pte. David Stormont
Stoker James Darling Bombr. James Neilson Pte. John S. Sutherst 
Pte. Thomas E. Davis Pte. Raymond Norton Pte. Tom A. Taylor
Pte. William Dawson Pte. John Y. Pallin Cpl. John Thomas 
C.S.M. Charles T. Dixon Pte. Edward Parkin Pte. Walter Thompson 
Gnr. William Dobson Sergt. George Pearson Pte. Ernest Tough 
Pte. George Eagling Pte. John G.S. Pescodd Pte. Joseph Trewick
Pte. Thomas Ford L/Cpl. Charles Pooley Pte. John N. Willcock
Pte. William J. Forster Pte. Michael Purcell Pte. Matthew Williamson 
Pte. John W. Foster Pte. Joseph Purnell Corpl. Isaac Willis 
Pte. John R. Glaister Sergt. Henry Rayne L.Cpl. James Wright 
Pte. Joseph Godfrey  Cpl. John J. Reynolds Pte. Preston Young
They Were a Wall Unto Us
To The Glory Of God And In
Grateful Remembrance Of
Those Parishioners Who Fell
In The Great War 1914-1919